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A Weekend of Tech and Togetherness in Tandil: Nurturing Connections in the Digital Age

Eliana Pranzetti
February 7, 2024

On November 3rd, the members of Ensolvers met in the city of Tandil, BS AS, to spend an unforgettable weekend. This meeting was about recognizing the person behind the username, understanding the faces behind the code commits, and appreciating the diverse talents and perspectives that enrich our virtual workspace.

One of the members mentioned that being all together was great, because they could organize different activities that they don't do every day, like going sightseeing (in this case, around Tandil), having the opportunity to share ideas and getting to know each other.

This event was a reminder that, in an era dominated by virtuality, the essence of humanity and collaboration emerge when the digital gap is transcended.

After work, they stayed in the city for the entire weekend, seeing incredible places and creating new connections outside work. 

Our intention with these meetings is to rotate them in different cities, ensuring that each member has the opportunity to participate in their own territory. This strategy breaks the monotony of routine and works as proof of commitment to inclusion.

As we say goodbye to Tandil, our Solvers take away great memories of a beautiful city and a renewed sense of connection. We look forward to the next meeting in a different city, to continue creating friendships and sharing stories.

Finally, beyond the technology we develop, the most crucial aspect is the people involved.

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