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Adapting to a Digital Generation: The Key to Talent Retention

Eliana Pranzetti
November 22, 2023

Currently, remote technology companies face the significant challenge of talent retention. The ability to retain talented and engaged employees is essential for our company's success. Employee turnover affects productivity and quality of work. In this regard, it is crucial to understand the team members and the characteristics of their generation to act accordingly.

This new generation of workforce, born between 1990 and 2010, has grown up in a completely digital environment, giving them a natural affinity for technology and innovation. They value flexibility in their work lives and consider diversity and inclusion to be important. They yearn for a positive corporate culture that promotes collaboration. They are interested in working in an environment where they feel welcomed and supported.

For these reasons, at Ensolvers we work to fulfill the wishes of our members and allow them to choose to be in a culture that cares for and values ​​its staff:

  • We offer flexible schedules and remote work, allowing them to balance work and personal life and have control over when and where they work.
  • We provide growth and development opportunities, we give them the opportunity to learn, improve their skills and advance their career path based on their personal, professional and business expectations.
  • Our culture focuses on inclusion, creating a work environment where they feel included and supported at all times.
  • We organize in-person meetings in different cities to ensure our members can have face-to-face interactions that strengthen relationships and improve the work environment.

We strongly believe that investing in retention strategies is essential to maintain a talented and committed team. To achieve success as a company, we adopt flexible approaches and adapt to the fast paced changes that the Industry is facing on a day to day basis. 

Having satisfied and engaged team members not only benefits Ensolvers, but also contributes to their well-being, which is a key factor for our continuous improvement process and goals achievement approach.

In addition, it allows our clients and stakeholders to have a customer-oriented team, motivated and focused on maintaining impeccable operations and excellent results accordingly.

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