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Empowering Healthcare via Technology

Sofía Arancibia
December 5, 2023

At Ensolvers, we believe in the power of adaptability and innovation in the face of uncertainty, always striving to be the right hand of our clients independently of the circumstances.

One notable project that exemplifies our commitment is the platform we’ve developed for our client, This platform has proven efficiency in addressing the mental health needs of individuals, particularly those struggling with anxiety and depression in a remote way. We were approached by their CTO and other core leadership members to engage in the task of developing a unique platform with that purpose. The platform enabled healthcare professionals to continue their work remotely, ensuring that patients in need of care could receive the necessary treatments regardless of the circumstances. This remote approach was particularly valuable in minimizing the risk of infection and easing the anxiety associated with in-person interactions. 

Excellent UI and Frontend User Experience

To address the mental health needs of individuals struggling with anxiety and depression in a remote setting, our platform's user interface was designed with excellence in mind. We incorporated high-quality video calls and online text monitoring to facilitate efficient communication between patients and healthcare professionals. Leveraging AI-powered message classification, we ensured the platform provided a seamless treatment experience, allowing close monitoring by doctors, health coaches, integration specialists, sitters, and customer success managers.

Streamlined Backend Experience for Healthcare Professionals

Our commitment to adaptability extended beyond patients to the healthcare professionals using the platform. By making full use of advanced technology and enabling remote work, we ensured that doctors and other specialists could execute their duties effectively without compromising on the quality of care, even during unexpected events like lockdowns. The backend experience was carefully designed to be user-friendly and easy to adopt, streamlining their workflow and ensuring smooth operations. The same team that built the platform also provided support for healthcare professionals and other company staff members to quickly resolve issues and introduce improvements while the platform was already being used in production.

A Valuable Solution at the Right Time

The solution provided by Ensolvers was structured in an agile way to react quickly to a massive problem at that time: the world facing lockdowns due to Covid-19. We set up a small, cohesive team of engineers that in a matter of weeks set up an entire infrastructure, API and frontend and worked in short iterations to have a first MVP that can be released to the market fast. The result was a platform that was used by thousands of patients and healthcare specialists a couple of months after the engineering team started, providing a tech solution to health and business needs in a very particular situation. 

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