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Ensolvers Coworking Day

Eliana Pranzetti
September 8, 2023

"A new in-person meeting that strengthen our people-driven culture"

Every time we organize a Coworking Day, we feel excited because these in-person meetings allow us to strengthen our collaborative culture and exchange ideas face to face, enriching us even more.

As a "people-driven" company, at Ensolvers, we value the flexibility and autonomy of remote work, but we also consider it important to continue providing opportunities for in-person meetings that strengthen our bonds. On this occasion, we decided to come together once again for a coworking day at the Work Club from Estudiantes in the city of La Plata on Friday, September 1st.

Throughout this event, we have achieved a human connection and trust among our solvers that enabled us to work together more effectively, sharing ideas, and solving problems with more fluid communication. These connections help us to have a better understanding of  the perspectives and needs of each member, reinforcing our values of empathy and respect towards others.

In summary, this Coworking Day in La Plata was not just another work event; it was a celebration of our “people driven” culture and a reaffirmation that we value the importance of human connections and the power of working together in the same space. 
Our day ended with joy, as we enjoyed the opportunity to learn and grow together, sharing experiences and new knowledge.

We will continue working to be even more united!

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