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ENSOLVERS COWORKING DAY: Making our working relationship stronger

Eliana Pranzetti
May 3, 2023


Working remotely has many advantages, such as flexibility and comfort, but it can also make team members feel isolated and disconnected. At Ensolvers, we believe it's important to have a physical presence from time to time to build stronger relationships, increase motivation and engagement, achieve better performance, and get to know each other better as a team.

In this article, we will share our experience at the ENSOLVERS COWORKING DAY, where we met in person on April 21st at Espacio Weiaut in La Plata.


The ENSOLVERS COWORKING DAY was a very special day for us. We were able to meet in person after a long time working remotely. It was a day where we shared a work experience together, and also laughed and hugged each other.

For us, these in-person meetings are fundamental to reinforce our work relationships as a remote team. They allow us to improve communication, collaboration, and trust among team members, which translates into better performance and teamwork. They also allow us to generate empathy and understand each other's needs.

The in-person meeting allowed us to share ideas and projects. We could discuss our projects and propose new ideas in a collaborative and teamwork environment.

Another benefit of the in-person meeting was the opportunity to get to know our coworkers better. When working remotely, it's easy to feel disconnected from others and it can be difficult to get to know people beyond their work. The in-person meeting allowed us to create a bond with them.

Finally, the in-person meeting allowed us to strengthen our company culture. At Ensolvers, we are proud of our culture of teamwork, collaboration, and engagement. The in-person meeting allowed us to reaffirm these values and continue working together towards our common goals.
The feedback we received from our “solvers” after the event was very positive. Many of them highlighted how good it was to share that moment together, and how important it is to have this type of meeting to maintain connection and engagement with the company and coworkers.


In summary, the ENSOLVERS COWORKING DAY was a very positive experience for our remote team.
It allowed us to build a stronger work relationship, share ideas and projects, get to know our coworkers better, and strengthen our company culture.
If you work remotely, we recommend considering the possibility of organizing in-person meetings with your team. The benefits can be amazing.

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