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First International Coworking Day: Lima, Peru

Camila Peinado
August 16, 2023

We are excited to tell you about the first coworking carried out outside Argentina. On this occasion, we gathered our solvers from Peru and held the coworking day in Lima on July 14th.

As it happened before, having a coworking day for us is something special and significant. It is , not only, a way to get closer and continue working as a team, but also it allows us to get to know each other, share things that virtuality makes them hard to do and improve communication between our solvers. We believe that a solid team manages to create strong bonds and, therefore, develop good projects.

Fortunately, the solvers who participated expressed that they would do it again. The different members belonged to different teams. This allowed them to be interconnected with their project as well as to learn about some main features of other projects. Definitely, sharing moments and socializing face to face with other solvers allow us to strengthen the bond with the company.

We will continue working to nourish interpersonal relationships at Ensolvers.

This coworking in Peru was a great challenge and in the future, we’d like to organize coworking days in new cities to continue with this great experience.

Where will we meet next?

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