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Eliana Pranzetti
July 6, 2023


As we have mentioned in our previous blog, remote work is used more than ever, and our intention is to keep our Solvers connected beyond virtuality.
Therefore, we would like to share the details of a new Ensolvers Coworking Day.
On this occasion we met in person in the city of San Telmo, BS AS, on June 30th, 2023.


The ENSOLVERS COWORKING DAY is always a special day for us. 
Our second face-to-face meeting provided us with numerous opportunities for learning and professional development.
This in-person meeting allowed us to share knowledge and experiences. We could improve our communication and collaboration.
We strongly believe these in-person meetings are essential for strengthening our work relationships as a remote team.

The feedback we received from our “solvers” after the event was very positive. They have unanimously expressed that 'socializing is something we all need in life'.
Sharing moments with other team members and getting to know them personally has proven to significantly improve team relationships.
Also, these face-to-face interactions allow us to address technical doubts more efficiently. The fluidity and precision of communication in physical meetings make them more productive as we can discuss topics with greater clarity and agility. 


In summary, the importance of socializing and in-person meetings are essential aspects for the growth and success of the team.
This second ENSOLVERS COWORKING DAY allowed us to strengthen our company culture of teamwork, collaboration, and engagement. We were able to reaffirm these values and continue working together towards our common goals.

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