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How to play?

In Magnet Inc you play as a metal ball with magnetic powers. Use the magnets all around you on the walls and the ceiling to propel yourself through the levels while avoiding dangerous obstacles.

Complete each level’s challenges to get rewards and unlock new content!

Unlock new characters & special levels!

Find secret items to unlock new areas!

Explore an enormous world with hundreds of levels!

Discover the characters

The Gang


Main character. He is made of metal and has electric powers that he uses to fight enemies. The level of magnetism, gravity, weight and flexibility are neutral.


He is the lightest of the magnetballs. He used to work as a security cam and has more magnetic power than GG. He is lighter, has less gravity and his final speed is lower than the rest of the characters.


He is very bouncy because he is made of rubber but also very heavy. He doesn’t fit through pipes or narrow corridors.


He is very fast and agile but extremely weak. Don’t use him to break through walls! He is made of cooper. He has a weak magnetism but he can bounce much more than the other characters. The friction and weight are higher than the rest of the characters.


He is made of wood. Also very heavy and slow, but as strong as an old tree. He is the largest character of all.


Thorny ball

Its flying pattern is static. If the player is touched by it, he automatically loses the game.

Ordinary enemy

The player gets stunned if is touched by it.
If the player is really near this type of enemy, he could use its power to electrify the other enemies. They change their appearance in every level but their behavior is the same.

Double enemy

It is based on the wall or on the roof and turns quickly on his axis. If the player is touched by it, he automatically loses the game.


They emerge from the wall or the roof and if the player is touched by them, he immediately loses the game. It is important to use particles or other way to show their presence to the player.

Mini boss

It has an electrical protection that disappears every 2 seconds. If the player touches the electricity, he gets stunned. The purpose is to be pushed against the enemy when it is unprotected to make it explode.


It serves as a transport. When the player touches the bubble, he is absorbed by it and the player can move across the level. When the player uses his magnetism makes the bubble break and he is released. The bubble reappears a seconds after being destroy.


Gravity button

When the player touches the gravity button, a light turns on indicating that it was activated and changing the gravity of the stage in the arrow direction. The camera changes its angle to follow the gravity direction.


When the player touches a repulsor, it pushes him away in the arrow directions.


It serves as a transport. When the player touches the cannon, he is absorbed by it and starts spinning changing his angle. When the player uses his magnetism, the cannon stops right in that angle and pushes the player as a bullet at full speed.