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Truly Agile

We focus on Agile as a general practice and apply it through several methodologies like Scrum or Kanban.


Tools like Jira, Jenkins, Bitbucket and Slack integrations streamline the process. Teams and customers are always aware of everything through direct communication channels

Real Customer Control

Customers have immediate access to the current status of their product being built and can take immediate decisions if required

Startup Mode-On

We were a startup, we worked in several products in which business momentum is essential, focus on developing Minimum-Viable-Products is in our DNA

Focused Estimation

More than 10 years in the industry led us to do precise estimation targeted to generate immediate added value

Having a Problem with your current project?

We specialize in detecting bottlenecks in existing Agile process involving technical and managements perspective to reach deadlines

Our approach to Agile

Agile, adapted to customer needs

Not only do we plan estimations and iterations, but also we structure the team according to client needs including development, maintenance, monitoring, infrastructure, also considering long-term support under Service Level Agreements of the software we develop.

We apply Scrum or Kanban depending on the needs and the stage in development.

100% of our clients are offshore, we acknowledge more than 10 years working remotely with on-site support if required.

Automatic Unit, Integration and System testing let us certify the highest quality in our products. Part of our team is formed by QA specialists that are experts in both manual and automatic testing.